Mittwoch, 18. April 2007


By Rafael Arteaga

Julian Beever is an English artist who's famous for his art on the pavement of England, France, Germany, USA, Australia and Belgium .......... Beever gives to his drawings an amazing 3D illusion.

Julian Beever es un artista británico dedicado a dibujar con tiza. Ha creado dibujos de tiza en 3D sobre el pavimento utilizando un método llamado anamorfosis; cuya trazos provocan una ilusión óptica que desafía las leyes de la perspectiva.

Beever paints also murals and big teachers' of the art replicas. Some big companies usually hire him to create their murals. Sometimes he works also in the publicity and marketing.

The visual game that his images propose has been confused by many people ace product of to photographic edition.

Which is the real guy & which beer is real?

People plow actually avoiding walking in the hole

Spiderman to the rescue

Girl on a beach mat.

World's Biggest Fly-Spray

Politicians Meeting Their End, taken from a wrong angle:Remember, both his feet in reality are flat on the pavement

Batman and Robin to the rescue (SO COOL) for this drawing of a Rescue was to be viewed using an inverting mirror

Make Poverty History