Montag, 30. August 2010

Death Factory

It happened few days ago in Colombia. The highway patrol ordered to stop to a truck during a routine control on the road. The truck parked to roadside. The driver got out of truck. He was a little nervous and while the policemen approached him to require documentation of the vehicle and of the goods, he made a phone call. Everything looked as normal and quiet. The driver said: I love you all, with certain serenity, hung up the call, bowed inside of the truck, pulled a gun, and before the police could react, he shot himself in the mouth.

Scared the police watched the scene, ran up to see if they could help him, but only confirmed that he man was dead. They called the road ambulance and went right away to seek the answer inside the heavy vehicle.

They found the keys in one of the pockets of the dead driver and went with them to the drawer where it was the
freight. It was written on the back with large letters: cold truck. They opened the heavy door and that what they found inside was simply horrifying: fifteen dead people -but without their main arteries. The truck was a traveling coffin, which carried bodies to throw them in a clandestine cemetery, in a common grave, where nobody would know that their bodies, alive before, had been on our planet.

The fact was not new to them, because they are so used to living all kinds of stories, only this time the news spread around the world and the newspapers and media echoed as soon as a wick powder on.
And then we ask: where are all those people missing? Is it possible that there is so macabre business? Businesses of death to save live of other people. We do not pay attention to the notices of missing persons. We are so used to it. We think that this is another invention of the neo-liberal or socialist, something that only happens out there, in other places. It is so common that when we read: help us to find him or her, look elsewhere.

But such stories happen more often than we can imagine. The price for a kidney is $ 5,000 on the black market; but in European and American hospitals, where many people can pay for a transplantation surgery, the price is US$ 100,000! All at all the insurance companies cover such costs.

These stories take place in many parts of the world and we cannot ignore. There is a new market for it. There are people who need to live, no matter the price. Some have just life, other money.

To live or to die. A old story. Here some pictures of a factory in Rusia.

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