Mittwoch, 5. Dezember 2007


By Rafael Marcelo Arteaga

Thailand’s king, Bhumibol Adulyadej, has just left the hospital, where he was almost three weeks suffering by a terrible gastric imbalance. During these days, the population has not stopped to demonstrate their affection: the aviation companies have painted the king's portraits on their airplanes that cross the continents. The shops in the country are full with pictures that reveal the old man's life, from birth until his days in the hospital. The big buildings in the city have at their walls and glass the king's portraits, so that all can read long live the king from kilometres of distance.

Thai People with yellow T'shits: the king's favorite color.

People express this way their love, the gratitude to those who were their rulers and today are their spiritual guides: that luminosity which lights through the centuries, without extinguishing, and same as the illumination of the stars whose masses disappeared millions years ago, but we still receive that light which in silence of nights helps the sailors, so they don't loose the route and better they reinforce the enthusiasm for the trip.

View of the Boyoke Tower, Pratunam, the biggest building from Thailand.

These pictures are also dedicated to those that governed Ecuador during the last thirty years and instead of bringing progress, a modern country, with a wide net of first level highways, with stable companies which offer a worthy work to the people, with an educated population, and not alone it, but also prepared to face up to the new millennium challenges; but they were looking just for their small interests, dedicated to build their kinglets crowns in a poor country, whose people are humiliated in their human essence, degraded until they believe that misery, lack of dreams is a divine punishment that we must load in our back.

They should undertake the suicide by seeing the country that they inherited us. Work, security, investment are hardly words that can be real with a wise and firm, less burlesque behavior and jester of who today is in govern house. Such photos should motivate us also to believe and to build the country that 12 millions of Ecuadorian and three millions abroad are looking for during our daily work.

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