Dienstag, 21. Oktober 2008


Warriors caregivers of wisdom.

Once our friend Pedro Herrera said: a travel is returning to our origins. Thousand years, million years of migration are written in our genes and those seeking to return to its past. And always gods were beside us.

I decided today to meet them. The mystery of religions, the great temples, rituals and their faithful parishioners. What brings us to them? The fear for the future? Our superiority complex? All that we do every day in the solitude of our rooms? All what we left to do?

Gnomes, wardens of water, plant, sources of gods.

If time is implable with the gods, that would not be with the men, whose governments are seeking to get more power, and act as if they were eternal?

Gods of evil, a eternal conflict between good and evil, the search of balance

No doubt, the first "yucazo" has a divine origin.

With a yung Buddhist monk, who must go to preach the Buddha's words: humility, simplicity. To talk less and to act.

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