Mittwoch, 31. Dezember 2008

time to change friends

I'm back in Guangzhou. Yeah! I like to be here again! Night is warm compared to Shanghai, where snowed last morning and I left my friends and even a little bit love. A hacker blocked my email: Thanks God, it was really time to change friends. I missed some of them during my trip, others were doing a lot of noise, simply. There are so many friends on the way and they are great a night of wine and love but a day after we ignore them. Appear and disappear. Nothing should us otop and nothing requires us to find the way back. I do not fled. I enjoy life and this trip. It's simple.

Sometimes I miss the old e'mail, which was together fifteen years. Well, I am speaking about time. That is a symptom of age. Christmas time is hard to be alone. I will try to meet my friends here before tomorrow arrives! But in China this year ends in 45 days! Oops, another advantage of being here. So old and new year is just in my mind.

I admire this city with its bustle of life. It never rests. Here are the factories of the world but you can breathe also peace here. China is the only country where you can walk at any time without paying attention to the clock. These are the consequences of a good government: stability, security, work, talk less and act: the verb is action, words do not leave traces, like the cold breeze caresses my face so that I am drunk tonight. I like to arrive here and I wonder its enthusiasm for work and life.

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