Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2009


I love the place where I have my bed, my books and my soup. I love the city that welcomed me years ago after European perfectionism, the city where I was loved and I loved too. The place where I am.

Although I now live in Shanghai, such a feeling inside of me after coming back here. The image of King is imposing. I arrived on Monday and his people wear yellow shirts in honor of their sovereign. Bangkok...I love this air of freedom and bohemian in the streets, the air of sin that is to breath in Khaosan Road, Path Pohn, in Pattaya in the suburbs of Copangan and Chang Mai.

It is different in China , even impossible to access the blogs. A disgrace for bloggers like me. However I confess this time of being out of the network was good for me. It is said that Chinese youth suffers under two addictions: cigarettes and Internet, although the governments strictly control their access: anyone who uses the network must be registered. That's all. Aside from blogging, it is impossible to access certain web pages whose information is critical to the socialist system (on paper), but capitalism at its best.

Old Shanghai streets

Anyway I am a guest there and it is not fair to bite the hand whom feeds me. I love Shanghai, I love its architecture, its history, I love the greatness of human beings and their ability to create, to be one of the most dynamic cities on the world. Here are my two lovers: Bangkok and Shanghai.

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