Montag, 12. November 2007


As I was a child I asked always to my mother where did she go every morning. "I am going away to work", replied she and although I did not understand it I was alone again until night. I spent my childhood in small streets, surrounded by old women and a lot a children. So as I arrive in Guangzhou those narrow streets inside of the big city remembered me those glad and sad days -sometimes. Travel is looking for something lost long time ago but perhaps even within us, that our skin, our blood have not forgotten and someday jumps with the first step into the bus.

Maybe the new country or town is the place where life is waiting for us. Modern times, for what? And the soul, the spirit born of fire, water and distances? Enjoy these pictures, go to those days, where the world was hard and perhaps even Ok: the world our genes don't ignore.

All big cities are the same in the rich side: ample and great streets with trees at the flanks, beautiful buildings. The north of Quito and from there towards Guapulo, the valleys zone, near the San Francisco University, where our president was teacher, are similar to the rich parts of other cities around the world. Rich people are similar everywhere. Just poverty is different. When I arrive in a new place I always want to discover inside of that, where real life of a country is on.

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