Dienstag, 6. November 2007


by rafael marcelo arteaga

First view love to a big city: this is the typical postcard that some of our old friends send us. Certainly nice, we are happy and dream about these pictures. But behind the glamour and shine of all big cities, there is also a face that all try to
hide: the real life in poor and small streets, where are people who support another city, the rich city. I can not say if life there is better or more peaceful, just different. Here some pictures of the another Shanghai:

The night is here. I'm hungry after a long walking. These streets offer a lot of easy and good meals. Let's try noodle soup with sea food . Or select what you like it:

put it in boiling water

or on the fire

Ready for dinner. On the floor? Nothing matter. I don't have home or family waiting for me here. That is a take away restaurant in the corner of some street outside the city. Just enjoy it

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