Mittwoch, 25. Februar 2009

images of a perfect world

Almost never or almost always we ask what is the reason for the human existence? Our happiness, our comfort depends in much on the misfortune of others. Images and images. How these fit our hearts and what can we do to change that?

-Do not complain too much is same as to suggest: eat your soup and it is enough! Remember: others are in a worse position than you; so, accept all what you have with humility. Our Christian moral is perverse and satanic because this one requests our compassion for others, but it does not demand to rebel against the human misery.

What can we do to contribute to change this world that, for some people it stinks, and for others this is the only place that they have: the only way of life they know it.

To write more of same is perhaps not the best way to change the world. It is better to shut up and to do a inside trip with these images that soon it will be an explosion wich brings us to shout… or to the suicide.

you are not happy with your jop

you can not more...

you think that you are alone

you are hungry

it rains too much in your city

your future is certainly sure

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