Montag, 17. Mai 2010


Moon was six weeks in Tibet and after coming back, he sent me this email. The trip was scheduled to go together, but unfortunately I couldn’t fly to Lasha as we planned and he travelled alone. After looking at the pictures I shivered all over. I felt repulsion, loathing and I cried: so much cruelty and insolence for dead people could not be true. I stopped to eat meat for weeks, but in my mind I remembered the sentences written by Moon at the beginning of his message, as preparing for such a fateful journey on the web:

 “Dear Rafael:  what is the meaning of life? Why do you think that all what you know and do is supreme law of life for others? Death is just a life process. Have fun and enjoy life today. Give thanks for opening your eyes one day more, thanks for coming back to your bed.” 

However I needed months to realize these photos and see life from another perspective: that of reality. In West some people want to be cremated and their ashes being carried into the sky, but in Tibet the supreme aspiration is returning to earth without delay. 

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